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Jual Modul Perekam Suara WTS5001M02 – 28P | Module MP3 Record Murah

KategoriVoice Recorder Module
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Detail Produk Jual Modul Perekam Suara WTS5001M02 – 28P | Module MP3 Record Murah

Jual Modul Perekam Suara WTS5001M02 – 28P | Module MP3 Record Murah

jual-modul-perekam-suara-WT5001M02-voice -mp3-record-WT5001M02

jual-modul-perekam-suara-WT5001M02-voice -mp3-record-WT5001M02


Jual Modul Perekam Suara WTS5001M02 – 28P | Module MP3 Record Murah 

Product description
WT5001M03-28P is a self-contained SPI-FLASH storage medium as a MP3 player, support wav and MP3 file, MP3 professional quality, bring a watt power amplifier; with download online and offline SD card file copy; support for RS232 serial control, support extended SD cards and U disk playback function, has the unique music into play function. Can be flexibly applied to speech explaining such a wide variety of applications. Can be customized for the development of a variety of features.

Product features
High-quality audio output, can connect 1W8 ohm speakers;
With BUSY output;
Supports WAV, MP3 format file;
With a real time clock and calendar, clock module function;
With the SPI interface, support SPI-FLASH online download;
A ADC button interface, support the five standard MP3 function keys;
With a special function keys, each time can achieve the first player next, and single cycle the current track, long press copy content to a FLASH SD card;
Supports RS232 communications, through the serial port or serial simulation control; , with SD card and USB interface pins, support expanded SD cards and U disc player;
Supports offline copy TF card or U disk content to SPI-FLASH, copy by setting the iSound.mp3 file changes on the power play mode;
Playback control, fast response, better than similar products;
Long time, stable operation, strong capacity of resisting disturbance;
Module type : WT5001M03-28P
Package : DIP28
The capacity of SPI-FLASH: 4MB ~ 64MB
Working voltage: 3.3V-5.2V
Outline: 36.2mm * 19.1mm
Working temperature: – 30 + 75

Harga : 225.000,-

Order : 085646814774

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